CUMPLICIDADES – Lisbon International Contemporary Dance Festival from March 10th to 16th

CUMPLICIDADES is a festival dedicated to contemporary dance centered on the principles of reinvention and diversity. With a couple of diferente guest every edition, the festival stands out for always seeing its programmatic line renewed and still being a partner of host spaces ranging from traditional venues to alternative venues. These characteristics bring with it the possibility of extending throughout the Lisbon map a community constituted by a new public, created by the intersections of the different publics and spaces.

CUMPLICIDADES 2018 brings together two daring proposals: that of Tânia Carvalho is based on repetition, with 7 shows in 7 consecutive days of presentation; the challenge of Abraham Hurtado to a collective of artists assembled by open call, attentive in the variation, in the difference, with the reconfiguration of the same artistic proposal in 7 spaces, in the same 7 days. Addressing the acquired knowledge of very short career programming practices for dance shows, the Festival provides creators of provenance and diverse experiences a week on stage. Now, it will be up to the public to respond to this challenge, enjoying creative universes and stimulating aesthetic incursions, reunited by two attentive eyes to the current dance, without neglecting what happens in its margins.

Francisco Camacho



7 national shows presented during 7 consecutive days, in 7 different venues (Rua das Gaivotas6, Teatro da Trindade, Galeria Negócio ZDB, Espaço Alkantara, Teatro Ibérico, CAL – Primeiros Sintomas and Carpintarias de São Lázaro); 7 performative variations of the international project; 7 emerging and consolidated artists, whose common denominator is the excellence of their work; This peculiar format of presentation proposed by the invited programmers of the CUMPLICIDADES’18 – Tânia Carvalho and Abraham Hurtado – stands to a greater representation of the dance in the Portuguese stages.

Following the path initiated last year, the international dimension of CUMPLICIDADES will continue to be focused on the countries of the Mediterranean region. Abraham Hurtado, guest programmer at CUMPLICIDADES’18, decided to launch an open call to select five dance artists in their broadest spectrum to develop a collective play. About 300 artists responded to the call, with the finalists coming from Spain, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Italy. The artistic process will take place in Centro Negra, a space of artistic creation in Blanca – Spain followed by the absolute debut in Lisbon. The piece will be presented in seven different spaces, for seven consecutive days, maintaining a common structure
but always changing, proposing seven variations in response to each of the spaces.

PASS 7x7x7: Let’s dance more with the 7x7x7 Pass. A cultural option that gives access to the 7 daily shows, in the 7 presentation spaces, during the 7 days of the CUMPLICIDADES. Tickets available at:
Early Bird Pass: € 25.00 (until 31 January)
After 31 January: € 30.00



Galeria ZDB | Negócio – New creation | World premiere
10, 12, 13, 14, 15 e 16 March > 21h30
11 March > 19h00

Teatro da Trindade – New creation | World premiere
10, 12, 13, 14, 15 e 16 March > 19h30
11 March > 17:00

Rua das Gaivotas6 – New creation | World premiere
10, 12, 13, 14, 15 e 16 March > 19h30
11 March > 17:00

A Deriva dos Olhos
Biblioteca de Marvila- Premiere in Lisbon
10, 12, 13, 14, 15 e 16 March > 21h30
11 March > 19:00

Espaço Alkantara – New creation | World premiere
10, 12, 13, 14, 15 e 16 March > 21h30
11 March > 19:00

CAL – Primeiros Sintomas – Premiere in Lisbon
10, 12, 13, 14, 15 e 16 March > 19h30
11 March > 17:00

BCN – Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte
Repertório para Cadeiras, Figurantes e Figurinos
Carpintarias de São Lázaro – Premiere in Lisbon
10, 12, 13, 14, 15 e 16 March > 21h30
11 March > 19:00



New creation | World premiere
With Gizem Aksu (Turkey), Myrto Charalampous (Greece), Shira Eviatar (Israel), Matías
Daporta (Spain) e Oriana Haddad (Egypt/ Italy).

Espaço Alkantara – 10 March
Biblioteca de Marvila – 11 March
CAL – Primeiros Sintomas – 12 March
Teatro da Trindade, Sala Estúdio – 13 March
Rua das Gaivotas6 – 14 March

Teatro Ibérico – 15 March > 23h00
Galeria Negócio ZDB – 16 March > 23h00



Tânia Carvalho was born in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. With the age of five she began having classes of classical dance and at the age 14 started taking contemporary dance classes. Between 1994 and 1999 shee went through three different courses: ESTGAD’s art course, Caldas da Rainha, the course of the Superior School of Dance of Lisbon and the Course of Interpreters of Contemporary Dance of Fórum Dança, concluding only the latter. In 1997 she founded the ‘suicide bomb-association’ for cultural promotion
with colleagues and friends until the end of 2014. At this time she attends ARCO’s jewelry night class, Lisbon (1st Year) and begins to work regularly as a choreographer, dance interpreter and theater. In the course of time she begins to dedicate herself almost exclusively to her own work of authorship, something that arouses her more interest. In 2005 and already active as choreographer she took the choreography course integrated in the Artistic Creativity Program organized by the Calouste
Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. In her work as choreographer, the pieces “Icosahedron”, “Tecedura do Caos” and “Xilografia” stand out. Tânia Carvalho also develops musical works. She had private piano lessons and musical training with teachers João Aleixo, Diogo Alvim and Youri Popov. She keeps active her interest in the plastic arts through drawing. In continuous work since 1997 regularly presents its
different creations in theaters, festivals, events and diverse spaces in around the world.

Abraham Hurtado (Murcia, Spain), is a performer and artist, having collaborated with numerous visual artists, dance and theater performers in Spain and internationally. With other artists residing in Berlin, he has managed the AADK artistic platform, whose member artists presented works in more than twenty-five countries in Europe, Mexico, the USA, Turkey and others. The art they produce is particular to each member while adopting common configurations and strategies in their presentations. Since 2012,

Abraham Hurtado directs the Centro Negra, a space for contemporary research and creation in Blanca, Murcia (Spain). His work was presented in several galleries in Europe, South America and in Contemporary Art Centers such as La Conservera (Murcia), Moderna Museet (Stockholm) and CCCB (Barcelona).

About EIRA
Since its foundation (1993), EIRA has been producing and promoting, nationally and internationally, the performances of Portuguese choreographer Francisco Camacho. From 1996, the structure expanded its activity to the production and promotion of a nucleus of artists associated with the structure, through which have passed until today, several names and generations of choreographers and other Portuguese artists. At the moment the nucleus of artists associated to EIRA is constituted by Francisco Camacho, Rafael Alvarez, Mariana Tengner Barros and Tiago Cadete.
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