International Project – The result of an Artistic Residency

International Project – The result of an Artistic Residency

Following the path initiated last year, CUMPLICIDADES international program will continue the focus on the Mediterranean region.

Abraham Hurtado, CUMPLICIDADES´18 guest curator, decided to launch an open call to select five artists from the field of dance, in its widest spectrum, to develop a collective piece. Around 300 artists have responded to the call, with the five finalists coming from Spain, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Italy and Portugal.

The artistic process will take place at Centro Negra, a space for artistic creation in Blanca – Spain, from February 10 to March 4. The 5 artists will inhabit a space of exchange, discussion, overlap, experimentation, research, creativity and coexistence. It is an experience that contributes to incorporate alterities and find ways of acting, through the arts, as a collective subject. Give voice to bodies and try to generate other models of organization and production.

The spectacle with an absolute debut in Lisbon is the result of a rich dialogue in which the criteria of territorial diversity, gender, age, techniques and / or approaches in dance, as well as the professional path, guarantee an enthusiastic vision for the European dance scene contemporary art.

The performance will be presented in seven different spaces, for seven consecutive days, maintaining a common structure but always changing, proposing seven variations in response to each of the spaces.

We aknowledge the outstanding support of Acción Cultural Española [PICE Programme], Centro Negra / AADK Spain, Embassy of Israel in Portugal and Embassy of Israel in Spain.


An open call that questions the role of the programmer

In order to democratize the selection process inherent in an open call and, simultaneously, to question the role of the programmer, Abraham Hurtado proposes a new methodology.
Having the 25 finalists list, the nominees are invited to vote for the 5 artists who, in their opinion, should partake the project.
The nominees who kindly accept the challenge are:

Yotam Peled
Maurícia Barreira Neves
Yara Boustany
Hend Samy Ahmed Elbalouty
Antonios Vais
Martha Pasakopoulou
Mariam Hammoud
Ermira Goro
António Torres
Vito Alfarano
Kerkal Ayoub
Farah Saleh
Rosella Pelliccioti
Mounir Mohamed Saeed Mohamed Ali
Natalia Jiménez Gallardo
Gil Kerer
Victoria Macarte

Our deepest gratitude to the engagement and commitment of all participants.