“Documenting Questions” International project

“Documenting Questions” International project

Documenting Questions is a project collaboration between CUMPLICIDADES and Contemporary Image Collective – CiC (Cairo, Egypt) within the frame and supported by Tandem Shaml exchange programme.

The project aims to reflect about the power dynamics in the arts field and their impact at the artistic practice. Simultaneously, it claims the importance of documenting the artistic process through several available formats namely video, photography, illustration, writing and graphic recording.

During the research phase, ten artists based in Lisbon and Cairo were interviewed. They were invited to express as free and sincerely as possible their opinion and experience about the issues which are on the genesis of the project.

This material was used to nourish and inspire a 10 days artistic residency geld in Lisbon, at Estúdios Victor Cordón bringing together four artists from Portugal and Egypt from 24th June to 3rd July.
Camilla Morello, Mostafa El Baroody, Inês Campos and Abdelkarim Mohamed, supported by a team composed by Sandra Edward, Sara Machado and Sara P. Mendes, unfold questions about living as an artist, looking at notions such as opportunity, exposure, trends and challenges.

During an informal presentation, artists and team share with all the attendees the artistic process and their motivations, followed by a Q&A session.

We are deeply grateful to all interviewed artists, Pólo Cultural da Boavista, Estúdios Victor Cordón, Lisbon City Hall, Maria Abreu Pinto [Portuguese Embassy in Cairo], Miguel Amaro and Sheriff Gamil.

Photos and illustrations by Sara P. Mendes